Learning Style Questionnaire

Learning Style Questionnaire – Questions and answer concerning Learning Styles. On the dimensionality of a learning style questionnaire.

The dimensionality of a Learning Style Questionnaire was analyzed using college students majoring in science-related areas (chemistry, physics, geology, and biology) at a significant state college. The variety of measurements discovered for the science students did not agree with the number found in earlier study and the composition of the specific dimensions varied significantly from just what was located earlier. Extra work with the questionnaire is required.

This questionnaire is made to figure out your liked learning style. Over the years you have possibly created learning practices which help you reward more from some encounters compared to others. Given that you are probably uninformed of this, this questionnaire will help you identify your learning preferences, to ensure that you are in a stronger placement to decide on learning encounters to match your style.

learning style questionnaire

learning style questionnaire

There is no time limit to this questionnaire. It will probably take 10-15 mins. The accuracy of the outcomes rely on exactly how sincere you can be. There are no ideal or incorrect answers. If you agree even more than you disagree with a declaration, put a tick by it. If you differ greater than you agree place a cross. Be sure to mark each product either with a tick or a cross.

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