Bruce Lee fighting style

Bruce Lee fighting style – Hello to all martial art members, this post I type specially for you! I’m totally sure that you already know who is Bruce Lee, right? We’ve all watched his film and he is one of martial art expert that popular until today.

What makes him so special and different with others expert? The answer is simple: Bruce Lee fighting style. He has a distinctive style in fighting especially his popular sound in every move ~ woaaa.. watta, watta! yeah like that, ahaha. For your information, he was a person that practice in many martial arts and most of his move base on Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun and Chinese martial arts.

What make more interesting with all those martial arts that he practice, each them also have several additional or special movement and all the move have their specific name. By combine with his fast kick and punch, the movement looks awesome. For more detail you can watch video compilation below explain about the movement, the video I made by my self by combine with several video cutting from his film/movie.

From the video above, we can list some Bruce Lee fighting style as below:

1) The Dragon Set Movement No. 4: “Little Dragon Seeking Its Path” (minute 0:00:44;05 to 0:00:46;47)
2) Big Dragon whipping its tail (minute 0:00:49;23 to 0:00:54;11)
3) bong sau + pak sau + punch + bong sau + lap sau, fak sau = 5 punches

Cool huh! hopefully this article about Bruce Lee fighting style will help and inspired you to do better in you martial art.

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