Leadership Styles in Nursing

Leadership Styles in Nursing – To those who are in the field of nursing must to know about leadership styles in nursing because its a basic information especially for ‘newcomer’. So, what is nursing leadership styles that you have to know? Through this article i’ll provide some information regarding this topic.

There are two styles of leadership that an effective leader may use includes: Democratic and affiliative. These leadership styles are based on the transformational leadership theory.

Democratic leadership style in nursing

An individual’s leadership style refers to the manner in which (s)he leads. Three primary leadership styles exist on a continuum: authoritarian, democratic, and Laissez Faire.

Affiliative leadership style in nursing

As you know about the phrase “leaders put their people first” – Its mean the manners related with this style of leadership involves: a constructive method to employees, passive and prefers not to anger team members, waxes and wanes when it comes to making a decision. The leadership manners of an affiliative leader may improve or hinder team effective. Putting the team members first and taking into concern that all assignments are completed on time and the team members are satisfied with the contribution of the leader is very important.

Why do you need to learn about leadership styles in nursing?

The purpose was to survey nursing leadership regarding what nurse managers and subordinates see as significant and to survey subordinates’ viewpoint s of their nurse manager’s performance in reality. Background The manager’s style can be important for subordinates’ tolerance of change and in inspiring them to reach stated visions and targets and high class of care.

Below we provide 2 pictures explain for you some ideas about nursing style leadership to lean and apply:

Pic 1: Nursing Style Leadership Theories

nursing style leadership theories

Pic 2: Different Leadership Styles in Nursing

different leadership styles in nursing

For the conclusion, hopefully this short article can help you to know and learn what leadership styles in nursing is all about.

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